Round & Ready Drill-Bit Carousel

Want to keep large drill bits and other hole-boring accessories close at hand and easy to find? This compact carousel holds a multitude of specialty bits, such as holesaws and Forstner bits, and swivels on a lazy-Susan bearing for quick access.

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Saw and Assemble

To build one, use a compass to mark three 5"-radius circles on 34 " plywood. Bandsaw and sand the discs to shape. For the top, locate and mark the nine curved slot locations [Drawing 1a]. Drill 58 " start holes for the outside and middle slots and 38 " start holes for each inside slot. Then, scrollsaw or jigsaw between the holes to form the slots. Drill 58 "-deep holes in the shelf to fit the shanks of your bits and accessories and a 12 " hole through the base for screw access.

Crosscut the dowels to length. Create a collar with a 34 " hole in it. Assemble the unit [Drawing 1] and attach the bearing to the base, using the 12 " access hole in the base to drive the screws into the shelf.

Exploded view

Exploded view

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