This handy workshop accessory goes together in a jiffy, and boy, does it work hard for you. Imagine having your drill in a place where you can find it at all times, and fully charged to boot.

You'll need to customize the stand to accommodate your particular drill and charger. (We built the stand for a Hitachi DS13DV2B T-handle drill). For instance, if you have a pistol-grip style drill, you may need to shift the grip opening to the right, and modify or reposition one or both cradle brackets to hold the drill.

The charger's feet fit over short lengths of dowel to keep the charger from shifting on the stand. To position the dowels correctly, touch an inkpad lightly to the charger's feet, then set the charger on a sheet of paper to make a pattern. Transfer the pattern to the stand, and drill holes for the appropriate dowels. If your charger's feet won't accept a dowel peg, drill holes in the top of the stand into which the feet will fit snugly.

Recharging Station

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