Take the hassle out of angled mounting holes with our simple drilling accessory.

Equipped with this handy shop aid, you can drill quick, accurate pocket holes for fastening face frames to cabinets, aprons to tabletops, and other similar tasks requiring angled mounting holes. To build the drill guide shown, just follow the instructions below.

  1. From 1116 " stock, cut a block to 238 x312 ". Adhere the Full-Size Patterns to it. Locate and bore a 916 " hole, using a spade bit in the drill press. Bandsaw the guide to shape.
  2. Clamp a 3" length of 14 " iron pipe (916 " O.D.) into a machinist's vice. Using a 38 " twist drill, slowly ream out the inside of the pipe to 38 ". Epoxy the pipe into the 916 " hole, flush with the top of the block. After epoxy sets up, hacksaw the pipe at an angle to match the block. Use a stationary sander to sand the pipe flush. Break sharp edges off steel with a file and emery cloth.
Pocket hole drill guide