Bore Vertical holes with scrap stock jig

Here's a quick-fix jig that will come in handy the next time you need to bore a vertical hole in the end of a long workpiece. To make the clamp block, laminate two 2x4s, one 9" long and the other 17" long, as shown in the drawing. Then, joint the sides that face the workpiece and the drill-press table to achieve a perfect 90° angle.

Next, joint the edges and faces of the 1-12 x2x10" fence to perfect 90° angles. Use a framing square to align the two pieces at 90°. Then, fasten the fence to the clamp block with glue and four #8x2-12 " flathead wood screws, and adhere a piece of 150-grit sandpaper to the clamp block as shown below. Now, clamp the jig to the drill-press table, clamp the workpiece to the jig, and you're ready to bore your hole.


E. C. Peters, Brighton, Ont.

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