A simple design for a special task.

The tall clock project from the October 2000 issue of WOOD® magazine calls for drilling perfectly centered holes in hardwood balls. While you can hold a ball securely in a wood handscrew, centering it under the bit on your drill press is difficult.

Solve both problems with this quick-to-build jig. To make it easy to clamp the jig to your drill press, make the length of the base the same as the width of your drill-press table.

Drill the counterbored holes for the carriage bolts and the large holes in the base and cap. (See the Jig Hole Guide on the drawing.) Insert the bolts and center the jig by lowering the bit back into the hole, and holding it there while you clamp the jig to your drill-press table. Place the ball over the hole, slide the cap down on the protruding carriage bolts, and tighten it onto the ball with washers and wing nuts. Chuck in the proper bit and drill away.


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