Clamping a large glue-up with pipe clamps can turn into a wrestling match. The task becomes much easier if you secure the clamps to a clamping table, but finding a way to attach the clamps to the table can become quite a battle, too.
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Plastic holders for 34 " plastic plumbing pipe, such as the ones shown right, provide an inexpensive, effective solution. Steel 34 " pipe snaps right in, and the holder has enough grip to keep the clamp from tipping over when you lay your glued-up stock in place. Mount the holders on two 34 x1" strips, spaced to meet your needs, and then attach the strips to a piece of plywood to make a portable clamping table. Available from hardware stores, homecenters, and plumbing shops, the pipe holders ordinarily cost about 15 cents apiece.
—H. Dick Reynolds, Jr., Mediapolis, Iowa