Need added pressure? These provide it.
Long-reach clamp extensions

Clamping jobs like that shown in Photo above require clamping pressure farther in from the edge than sliding-head clamps provide. These hardworking extensions solve the problem. (We've used them on Jorgensen sliding-head-type steel bar clamps and Bessey sliding-arm bar clamps.).

Simply cut a pair of the extensions to shape from 112 "-square stock (we laminated two pieces of 34 " maple), using our full-size pattern (below), avaliable in PDF format.* Pop the bar pin out of the end of your clamp's bar. Then, drill and cut a slot in each extension so it slides smoothly, but fits snugly on the bar.

Put the extensions on the bar in the configuration shown on the drawing below. Mark the location of the swivel on its mating extension. Remove that extension from the bar, and drill a 38 "-deep hole 116 " larger than the diameter of the swivel-head clamp end where marked.

As shown in the Photo below, position the sliding head next to the extension when moving the two back and forth on the bar. If you leave a gap between them, they tend to bind and are harder to move in unison. Drilling the hole for the swivel in the extension allows you to slide the extension flush against the metal head.


For more in-depth information on gluing and clamping, visit our Gluing and Clamping section in the WOOD Store.

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Download clamp extend pattern pdf