My benchtop planer used to snipe until I came up with this inexpensive outfeed support that rests on my benchtop.

After moving my planer (on its stand) beside my workbench, I measured the height difference between the planer's outfeed table and the workbench and used that dimension to determine the approximate height of the conveyer frame.

I built the frame from 34 " stock and installed simple "rollers" made from 1" PVC tubing with end caps drilled for 14 " steel-rod axles. I inserted the rods through holes drilled in the frame and capped the exposed rod ends with push nuts.

Finally, six levelers, made from carriage bolts, star knobs, and threaded inserts, help fine-tune the rollers to align them with the planer's outfeed table. When not in use, the conveyer stores vertically to save space.
—Don Riley, Marietta, Ohio