Circular-saw Blades

Saw Blade with freud logo.

Freud Next Generation Premier Fusion general-purpose blade

10", 40 teeth, full kerf (P410) and thin kerf (P410T)

This blade has been a favorite of ours for years, and the newest version delivers cleaner cuts than ever before. Whether ripping or crosscutting, shearing grinds along the face and sides of each carbide tooth eliminate tear-out—even in veneered plywood—and leave a burnished edge that needs little, if any, sanding.

Forrest Woodworker II general-purpose blade


10", 48 teeth, full kerf (WW10487125)  and thin kerf (WW10487100)

The traditional 40-tooth Woodworker II has proven its worth for many years as a do-it-all blade, and now Forrest’s 48-tooth version makes even cleaner crosscuts, leaving smooth end grain that needs little sanding. It rips stock with ease, but leaves slight scoring marks that disappear with the swipe of a hand plane.

Amana ElectroBlu crosscut/trim blade


10", 80 teeth, no. 610800C

You’ll get tear-out-free crosscuts with this blade in solid wood and sheet goods. The blue film coating helps reduce pitch buildup nicely.

Infinity Dadonator stacked dado set


24-tooth outer blades, six chippers, and shims, 6" (SDB-600)  and 8" (SDB-800)

Few dado sets cut as cleanly as the Dadonator, even in workpieces prone to chip-out, such as veneered plywood. Get the 6" set if you use a benchtop/job-site saw or a light-duty contractor saw. Go for the 8" set for all other saws.

Diablo finish/plywood blades


612 ", 40 teeth (no. D0641X) and 714 ", 40 teeth (no. D0704A)

These economy-priced blades give you more bang for the buck when it comes to cutting sheet goods with a circular saw (cordless or corded). The thin-kerf blade removes just less than 116 ", making cutting wood cleanly a cakewalk for handheld saws, extending motor life.

Saw Blade with freud logo.
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