Stretch your dollars and your lumber by resawing to create veneer, bookmatched figure, or just thinner stock. Learn techniques for precise bandsaw and table-saw resawing.

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Learn to Resaw
In this video, Tools Editor Bob Hunter goes over the basics of resawing boards with your bandsaw and how to achieve the best results.
Resawing without a bandsaw
With a little work at the tablesaw, you can resaw wide boards without a riser-block equipped bandsaw.
Resawing Bandsaw Jig and Technique
An editor's favorite, we used this jig in the WOOD magazine shop to resaw spalted maple into beautiful jewelry box stock.
Maximize Your Wood By Resawing
Ripping boards into thinner slabs is a snap with a bandsaw and these easy-to-follow techniques.
Can circular-saw blades cut dadoes?
Is it safe to use 71⁄4" circular-saw blades stacked together for making dadoes on a tablesaw?

More Resawing

What's the proper rip-fence alignment?
I always assumed that my tablesaw rip fence should be parallel to the blade, but other woodworkers advise setting it to “toe out” just slightly at the back of the saw. Who’s right?
How can you spot a flawed bandsaw blade?
When I make a cut with my bandsaw, the blade drifts forward and backward. The wheels are co-planar with new tires, so what can I do to fix this problem?
Adding a riving knife to a zero-clearance insert

I just got a new tablesaw wth a riving knife, and I need to make some new zero-clearance inserts for it.