How do I cut a circle without drilling a center point?


I need to make a half-dozen 8"-diameter wood discs for an upcoming project. However, the discs cannot have center marks on either side, and my router trammel and bandsaw circle-cutting jig each require a hole for a pivot point. How can I cut these discs and leave both faces clean?
—David Vass, Mitchell, S.D.


You can use that bandsaw circle-cutting jig, David, but you’ll need to supplement it with a scrap of 14 " hardboard the size of your disc blanks. First, drill a hole in the center of the hardboard scrap, sized to fit the pin on your bandsaw jig. Attach it to your workpiece using double-faced tape. Place the templatte onto the pivot point and cut the disc to shape. Remove the template, and reuse it to cut the remaining discs. Sand each one smooth, and you’re good to go.

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