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How do I increase the accuracy of mitersaw cuts?


During a recent DIY project, I struggled while cutting crown molding on my mitersaw. I angled the molding against the fence and table, but the pieces kept sliding around, making the cuts unsafe and inaccurate. Can you help?
—Steve Jones, London, Ontario


You were using our preferred technique for cutting crown, Steve: holding it upside down in its “spring” position (the angle at which it mounts to the wall). But to prevent slippage, you need something to anchor the molding on the saw. You have two options:

Option 1: Commercial stops. Nearly all mitersaw manufacturers sell crown molding stops as accessories. They mount to the saw’s table via tapped holes; you then adjust them forward and backward [Photo above] to secure the molding against the fence. 


Option 2: Shop-made stop. If you prefer to make your own from scrap material, simply hold the molding against the fence at its spring angle and mark the table [Photo above]. Then, clamp in place a scrap stop that extends beyond each side of the blade [Photo below].


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