On a drill-press sanding drum, the sandpaper often wears smooth or glazes over quickly. And changing the paper on these drums eats up a lot of time.

To increase your productivity when using this tool, try wrapping a long length of adhesive-backed sandpaper to the drum. Wind the sandpaper so the edge rotates away from the workpiece, not into it. Secure the sandpaper to the top and bottom of the drum with rubber bands. When the abrasive on the top layer wears out, simply slip off the rubber bands, cut off the worn section, put the rubber bands back on, and resume sanding.

You can improve the convenience of this technique by stocking your drum with sandpaper from a roll. These 412 "-wide rolls are normally used for 14 sheet finishing sanders, but they come in lengths of up to 25 yards.
—Glen Love, Hayesville, N.C