Here's a creative solution for securing workpieces in a vise-less bench.
Photo of hinged workpiece clamp extension

Because my workbench lacks an end vise or dogholes, I had to get creative to secure workpieces for planing, sanding, or other handwork. Here is how I solved this problem with four pieces of scrap and a recycled door hinge.

I started by cutting four pieces from 1⁄2" Baltic birch plywood, each measuring 4×8". Next, I connected two of the pieces by mortising a hinge onto the ends so the pieces lie flat when placed hinge side down on the workbench. The other pair act as stops I clamp to the workbench to trap the hinged pieces and workpiece.

Clamping a stop to the workbench as shown, I then butt the workpiece against it. I then place the hinged assembly hinge side down over a 1×1" spacer with one end against the workpiece. After clamping the remaining stop to the benchtop against the hinged piece, I remove the spacer and press down on the hinged pieces until they snap down firmly, securing the workpiece.

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