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Shavings tell how you're scraping by
Examine the wood and your plane shavings to diagnose problems.
Cut kerfs for easy tool-rest adjustment
When turning, almost every tool change requires resetting a lathe’s tool-rest height.
Think inside the box with this holding jig
I always struggled to keep assembled boxes and drawers securely in place. To get a firm grip, but keep the work at a comfortable height, I fashioned this jig.

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High-flying trick to determine lathe speeds
My lathe doesn’t have a speed readout, making it difficult to follow turning plans.
Irregular piece? Cut out the waste before turning
I liked Dick Ayer’s tip for using an acrylic disc to mark centers on odd-shaped turning blanks so much, I made one myself, and I added a few improvements.
A marking gauge makes multiples manageable

A project as quick and satisfying as this turned holiday ornament almost demands that you make multiples.