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What's the best way to cut acrylic?
I cut clear acrylic pieces 12" or narrower on my bandsaw, and for wider ones, I use my tablesaw with an 80-tooth veneer blade mounted backwards. This is hard on the blades. Is there a better way?
What's the best kind of glass?
What's the difference between single-strength, double-strength, tempered, or laminated glass?
Make your woodworking make money
Here are some tips for selling your projects.

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Mill uniform widths with your planer
With an old handscrew clamp and some scraps of hardwood, you can set up your thickness planer to mill uniform-width door or cabinet stiles, rails, and other pieces with jointer-smooth, square edges.
A new angle on sawing panels
Try this strategy for making clean, consistent, and repeatable angled cuts.