Painting one side of a small wooden wheel, waiting for it to dry, and then painting the other side takes a lot of time and often leaves paint streaks.
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With this holder, you can paint both sides of the wheel at the same time and dry the finished wheels on an old coat hanger. Start by driving a brad through a dowel rod that fits the wheel axle hole. Bend the point of the brad up. Next cut one end of an old coat hanger and form a loop as shown above. Paint one side of the wheel, then pick it up by inserting the dowel rod in the axle hole. With the wheel balanced on the brad, paint the other side and transfer the finished wheel to the coat hanger using the dowel rod. When you're done, insert the bottom of the coat hanger in the loop so the wheels don't fall off. Then hang them up to dry.
—David Burr, Rockville, Md.