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Use your phone to accurately set angled tablesaw cuts

With this simple jig made of a few scraps of wood including 14 " plywood and 58 " birch dowel, as well as two rare-earth magnets, you can use your smart phone to accurately set the angle of your tablesaw blade. You’ll need to add a clinometer app to your phone.

Note that the dowel is secured with an off-center screw so you can use the dowel as a cam to hold the phone in place. The placement of edge buttons on your phone may dictate modifications to the jig, including where you place the cam. The magnets hold the jig fast to the blade while you adjust the angle. Cut the rabbet deep enough so the blade’s teeth don’t prevent the jig (and phone) from being parallel with the blade body. 
—Mike DeCarlo, Apex, N.C.

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