Attempting to draw large circles perfectly with just a length of string can transform even the coolest woodworker into a muttering grump.

For a trusty compass that makes it easy to draw circles of many sizes, drill 564 " holes at every 18 " mark in the first inch of a metal yardstick. Now, drill 564 " holes at every inch on the rest of the yardstick's length. This also works fine in a wooden yardstick. Just space the holes 14 " apart in the first inch for strength. To draw a circle with a 2734 " radius, for example, tap a 19- or 20-gauge brad through the drilled hole at the 14 " mark. Next, insert a pencil point into the 28" hole (28"14 "=2734 ") and draw your circle.
—Walter S. Thomas, Jr., Drexel Hill, Pa.