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Try some new facets on making bowls


Turned vessels look interesting when they combine round, lathe-turned areas with sawn flat cuts. Here’s one way to get that look. 

First, hollow out the center of a square blank on the lathe, just as when shaping a typical bowl. Sand the hollow. With the blank spinning, mark a fine registration line on the face of the blank, just outside the rim of the dished area. Remove the blank from the lathe.

For the following steps you’ll get the best results with an accurately adjusted mitersaw, sharp blade, and slow but steady blade feed. Set the mitersaw for a 45° miter, align the blade with the registration mark and cut the first facet. Clamp in place a stopblock, like the one in the drawing, to further support and align the blank. Rotate the blank and make another cut. Continue rotating and cutting until you create an octagon.

Next, adjust the saw for 0° miter and 25° bevel. Turn the bowl upside down and clamp in place a stopblock, as shown. Cut an additional set of facets. Final-sand and finish the bowl.
—Roy Carlson, Greensboro, N.C.

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