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Trim Panels with a Rabbeted Tablesaw Fence

Trim Panels

You've glued some solid-wood edging on a set of plywood panels, and now it's time to trim the edging flush. If you don't have a flush-trim router bit, is hand-planing the only solution? If you own a tablesaw, you’re just an auxiliary fence away from a super-quick solution. Make a 1x6" wooden auxiliary fence for your tablesaw and cut a rabbet in its face exactly as wide as the kerf of your blade.

Attach the auxiliary fence to your regular rip fence and position it so that the outside edge of the blade is flush with the outside face of the auxiliary fence as shown in the drawings at left and below. Then, run your workpiece along the fence to trim off the excess edging. We used a 50-tooth, carbide-tipped blade for clean, splinter-free results.
—from the WOOD® magazine shop

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