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The less dusty dust-Tee


Bruce Wrenn has made a habit of fixing up used tools for the Apex, N.C., shop that houses his home-maintenance business. When he turned his attention to improving the dust collection on his three 14" bandsaws, “the only word to describe the results is WOW!,” Bruce says. Here’s how you can do the same with your bandsaw.

Using PVC glue, attach a 4" length of PVC pipe to one arm of a PVC Tee, as shown. Cut two strips of 18 ×1×8" flat steel and drill slots to accept the trunnion bolts on the bottom of your bandsaw table, as shown. Then drill holes to attach two blast-gate brackets (Rockler, item no. 26813, $4 each, 800-279-441, Mount the brackets to the strips using the included bolts. Then, after loosening the trunnion bolts, slide the steel brackets in place on them. (You may have to use washers to shim the steel strips flush with the ribs on the bottom of your bandsaw table.)

Attach the Tee to the blast gate brackets with hose clamps, pointing the Tee leg toward the blade. Use a butter tub lid or a PVC slip cap to seal one end of the tee and attach your dust collection hose to the other. With your dust collector on, any dust that falls through the table gets sucked into the tee.


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