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Inexpensive alignment illumination
An inexpensive LED flashlight solves this tablesaw alignment challenge
How do I make long angled cuts on duplicate pieces?
What’s a reliable, safe way to make a long, angled cut lengthwise on a panel for duplicate pieces?
On-saw reference lines speed resetting
Recently, I had a project that involved making repetitive precise cuts at identical angles and dimensions.
Rabbet on tablesaw fence helps you trim panels flush
You've glued some solid-wood edging on a set of plywood panels and now it's time to trim the edging flush. What if you don't have a flush-trim router bit?

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Support tablesaw shelves with angle-iron rails
Every time you switch from the miter gauge to the rip fence, you have to walk across the shop to put one or the other down.
This shiny tablesaw sled tip is easy on the eyes
When cutting box joints using my tablesaw sled, I like to keep eyes on the blade throughout the cut.