To store my collection of turning tools, I designed this dual-sided, hinged rack. It hangs on the wall near my lathe.
Turning tools in a rack.

The two-sided rack consists of a simple frame assembly with a 14 "-wide groove centered along the inside to hold a plywood panel. Size the frame to fit your set of tools. On the inside bottom, drill shallow counterbores for the handles. Then glue up the frame and panel.

Along the bottom, a wide rail secures the tool handles so they stay put when swinging the rack. Notched racks glued to the center panel hold the business end of the tool. I slipped a section of pipe insulation over a short bungee cord to hold the tools securely.

Mount a length of 2×4 vertically on the wall to mount the rack using a continuous (piano) hinge.
—Mike Staszak, New Braunfels, Texas