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Swing-away solution for repeatable mitersaw cuts

Swinging fence uses pins to hold it in place.

For the small projects I build, this swinging fence system for my mitersaw makes repeatable cuts easy. The pivoting arm swings out of the way or can be removed and stored when it’s not needed. 

Start by installing a riser block and arm support on one side of the saw that rests flush with the height of the saw table. Fasten these to the benchtop, aligning the arm support with the mitersaw fence. This support prevents the pivoting arm from sagging and provides an anchor point for fixing the arm in position. Make the pivoting arm as long as you need, then drill holes through the arm and into the riser block and fence support to accept clevis pins. The end nearest the saw serves as the arm’s pivot point. A simple stopblock clamped to the arm sets the length of the cut. 
—Rich Paeth, Huntley, Ill.

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