Surefire center finder for firewood

I’ve found some of the most beautiful turning blanks in the firewood pile. The good news: It’s free. Bad news: It’s hard to find the center of odd-shaped pieces. So I’ve come up with this trick to solve that problem.

Mount a piece of flat scrap wood to your lathe’s faceplate. Then attach a piece of acrylic to it using double-faced tape and chuck it in your lathe. Turn the acrylic to a disc. Use a 116 " bit in a tailstock chuck to drill a hole through the centerpoint, and then scribe concentric circles on the disc at 12 " intervals with a skew chisel.

Use the centerfinder by positioning it over the end of the stock and adjusting it until one of the circles is completely inscribed in the solid, usable portion of the wood. Then use a nail set or an awl to mark the center through the centered hole in the disc.
—Dick Ayers, Barron, Wis.

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