Shop Setup and Organization

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We're a fan of these hooks
Old ceiling fan blade brackets make excellent multi-purpose hooks.
A point in case
A simple case protects marking knives
Conduit clamp cord keeper
PVC conduit clamps reduce extension cord clutter and tripping hazards.
Quick and easy, nice and breezy
A box fan keeps air moving in my shop on hot days, this stand lets you adjust it as desired.
Totally tubular storage rack for slim stock 
Cardboard shipping tubes make great storage racks for dowels, thin cutoffs, threaded rod, bar stock, continuous hinges, and other long pieces.
Fold-up pedal lifts to free floor space
Wall mounted scale saw make floor cleaning easier. This fold-up pedal keeps pedal close when needed.

More Shop Setup and Organization

Shop heat: Ya gotta feel it (It's electric!) 
Build a mobile warming station that rolls to wherever you're working for on-the-spot warmth.
A pipe dream for small-tool storage

After installing a shelf over my workbench, I quickly realized there was additional storage potential on the underside of the shelf.