Shop Setup and Organization

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Totally tubular storage rack for slim stock 
Cardboard shipping tubes make great storage racks for dowels, thin cutoffs, threaded rod, bar stock, continuous hinges, and other long pieces.
Fold-up pedal lifts to free floor space
Wall mounted scale saw make floor cleaning easier. This fold-up pedal keeps pedal close when needed.
Shop heat: Ya gotta feel it (It's electric!) 
Build a mobile warming station that rolls to wherever you're working for on-the-spot warmth.
You'll love this high-wire act
If you’re tired of tripping over extension cords and accidentally kicking them loose from the outlet, hang ’em high using the simple suspension cable shown.

More Shop Setup and Organization

Wooden "power strip" simplifies shop walls
When I added a workshop to my house, I wanted the interior to look finished, but I know how hard it is to get the holes in exactly the right spot for the utility boxes.
A heavyweight dolly for the big kid's playroom
In my small home shop, handling heavy sheet goods is always an unpleasant challenge because the sheets must go outside when I’m working and back inside at night.