Shop Safety

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Watch your noise levels in the shop
An Apple Watch feature makes the watch vibrate and show a notification if the decibel reading exceeds a specific level for a set amount of time.
A rubber tip helps to keep a woodworker's fingertips intact
I once saw a woodworker use the eraser end of a pencil as a hold-down to keep his fingers away from a rotating blade.
Healthy Woodworking
Know what you need to protect your sight, hearing, and lungs. We’ll help you choose the right gear, keeping you on the cutting edge of shop safety.
Fast and even featherboard
I saw your Ask WOOD® piece on featherboards and wanted to share my method for making all those cuts quickly and accurately.
An off-the-wall tablesaw safety reminder
We all know that it’s good safety practice to unplug your tablesaw before changing the blade.
Finger-saving hold-down for small workpieces
I came up with this adjustable hold-down to keep my fingers safely out of the way while cutting small pieces on the mitersaw.

More Shop Safety

Finger-saving hold-down extension
When I’m trimming the end off a short piece at my mitersaw, often the saw’s hold-down clamp won’t reach the workpiece.
Sand safer with a jointer pushstick
While removing the mill marks on some lumber with my stationary belt sander, I noticed (for the umpteenth time) that my fingertips were very close to getting scraped as I held the board’s edges.