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Scrub plane throwing you a curve?
By following these simple steps, you can master the technique for sharpening a scrub plane blade.
How to Choose Grinder Wheels
Sharpen more efficiently by using wheels best suited for your tools.
A tip for keeping track of tips
I prefer turning tools with carbide tips because I don’t like to stop for frequent sharpening.
Stop rounded edges with this corner-sanding block
When sanding the edge of a workpiece, it’s easy to accidentally round the edges slightly, but I made a square-edge sanding block that eliminates that.
At-a-glance grinder gauge
Here’s a simple way to reset your grinder’s tool rest to the correct angle

More Sharpening

Inexpensive jig turns sharpening on its head
This scrapwood jig helps you sharpen plane irons accurately and quickly.
Install T-nuts easily with this  ace of spade bits
Recessing T-nuts flush with the surface of a shop jig requires at least two bit changes with standard drill bits.