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Secure thin pieces for a trip through the planer or drum sander

My granddaughter and I make lots of scrollsawn puzzles. To aid in thinning the frame surrounding the puzzle, I came up with a simple carrier board for safely sending it through the planer or sander. 

Make the carrier base from 34 " MDF as long and wide as you need (mine measures 13×34"). Edge the base with 14 ×12 " hardwood or MDF strips that serve as workpiece stops. In the base drill a grid of 14 " holes as closely spaced as your project(s) require. Apply a clear glossy finish to the base to make it easier to release any workpieces you secure with double-faced tape. After applying the tape, I “pin” the workpiece in place using 14 " wood wheel axle pegs cut to just under 34 " long. Using this carrier I’ve never had a piece come loose in the planer or sander.
—Louis Goaziou, Taylor, Ariz.

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