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Power-sander Primer
Few of us look forward to sanding, but with most projects it’s inevitable. So why not embrace the abrasiveness? These power sanders help you do just that.
Big round-overs without big-money bits
Sometimes I’ll run into a project plan that calls for a large and expensive round-over bit. Rather than shelling out for a router bit that I might use only once, I turn to PVC pipe for a low-cost solution.
Sand perfect end bevels
When a project requires multiple spindles or other pieces with beveled ends, it becomes quickly apparent if the bevels aren’t uniform.

More Sanding

Drill your sanding discs to increase dust draw
Shortly after buying a large quantity of sandpaper discs for my orbital sander, I upgraded to one with superior dust collection.
Shims help fix location of sticky-backed discs
Replacing the abrasives on my disc sander takes steady hands.
Simple jig puts the grind on curved cutters

Many turners use only a bench grinder to sharpen their chisels and gouges. I find that I have to do less honing when I use my disc sander with a 320-grit disc instead.