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Tape tames belt tracking
Tape helps stop sanding belts from sliding off the roller on a stationary belt sander.
Tool hack shakes up detail sanding
A repurposed flush cutting blade helps reach hard-to-access sanding
Power-sander Primer
Few of us look forward to sanding, but with most projects it’s inevitable. So why not embrace the abrasiveness? These power sanders help you do just that.

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Big round-overs without big-money bits
Sometimes I’ll run into a project plan that calls for a large and expensive round-over bit. Rather than shelling out for a router bit that I might use only once, I turn to PVC pipe for a low-cost solution.
Sand perfect end bevels
When a project requires multiple spindles or other pieces with beveled ends, it becomes quickly apparent if the bevels aren’t uniform.
Plywood turns belt sander into edge-sanding tool

When you need to sand something at a right angle, you should use an edge sander. But these specialized machines cost a lot of money and can take up valuable room in a small shop.