It's time to let the chips fly!

When you need to cut dadoes, grooves, or rabbets, you want to do it cleanly and quickly. You can make these cuts with a tablesaw or router, but which proves best? Well, as you'll see, that depends on several factors.

The Dado Challenge

Kevin Boyle and Jeff Mertz—the guys who design and build most of the WOOD® magazine projects—were discussing options for cutting bookcase dadoes one day, and began debating which tool would be best: the tablesaw or router. Soon, more of our editors were drawn into the discussion, and we decided that only a showdown could settle the debate once and for all. So we gave Kevin and Jeff the same assignment, but on different machines. Kevin chose the tablesaw, Jeff the router, along with a self-squaring straightedge and a guide bushing. The contest: to see who could finish first—with accurate results, of course.

See the finishing results here.