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Ripsaw Found Wood With This Stock Box

Have you ever found a beautiful chunk of burl or crotch wood in the forest but didn't know how to cut it? Build this box to hold your found wood steady for ripping on the bandsaw.

Size the box so it clears the guide blocks on the bandsaw. Cut the sides, bottom, and top from 34 "plywood. Install 38 " T-nuts in the top, as shown at above, and glue and screw the plywood pieces together. Then, glue and screw a guide to the bottom of the box that fits the miter slot as shown.

Cut four wooden knobs with a holesaw and drill 38 " holes, 58 " deep centered in the knobs. Glue the threaded rods into the holes with epoxy. Put your found wood in the box with the portion you want to cut sticking out. Then, run the threaded rods through the T-nuts in the top to secure the found wood, and push the box past the blade. Use a blade that is at least 1/2" wide and no more than three teeth per inch.
—Kenneth Ray, Los Osos, Calif.

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