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Put a stop to movement with T-track

Illustration of top of workbench with a small board, two T-tracks and some bench dogs.

While using a hand plane to smooth a wide panel, I needed a long bench stop to keep the workpiece from moving. I made an adjustable planing stop using aluminum T-track and 34 "-diameter brass rod. I cut the rod to form posts that fit into the dogholes on my workbench. After drilling and tapping a 14 " hole in each rod, I threaded in a T-bolt. 

The posts can be positioned anywhere along the track to fit any spacing between two dogholes, even diagonally. Once you determine the spacing, simply tighten the posts to keep them in place. The 38 " T-track helps when planing pieces down to about 12 " thick, and the tool-friendly aluminum won’t nick cutting edges. 
—Gary Dean, Prince George, B.C.

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