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Pusher makes taped-on turnings pop off

Many woodturners use double-faced tape to attach a workpiece to the lathe's faceplate. But sometimes the adhesive works a little too well, and efforts to separate the two result in a damaged workpiece. Before you turn your next project, fashion a "pusher" that fits just between the threads of the faceplate on one end and inside a hole drilled in the center of your faceplate on the other.

To remove a well-adhered workpiece remove the faceplate from your lathe. Insert the pusher in the plate hole and remount the plate, threading it slowly. For an unfinished piece with a thin bottom, you can drizzle a little lacquer thinner in the joint to weaken the tape's hold.

If you allow a few seconds between each small turn , you'll hear the tape letting go as the dowel forces the workpiece off. To prevent scarring the turning, I put a piece of cork on the business end.
—Wally Dickerman, Green Valley, Ariz.


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