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Plywood turns belt sander into edge-sanding tool

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When you need to sand something at a right angle, you should use an edge sander. But these specialized machines cost a lot of money and can take up valuable room in a small shop.

Make your belt sander do double duty as an edge sander by laying it on its side and securing it with a plywood cutout and clamps. Trace the outline of your belt sander on a piece of 34 " plywood about 2' square. With a jigsaw, cut out the shape of your belt sander, and leave an extra 14 " clearance at the bottom of the template for the belt to move freely. If your sander cuts into the bench below, shim it up 18 ", and clamp the sander to steady it.
Daniel Knippel, Ft. Huachuca, Ariz.

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