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Pivoting protector keeps molding head under cover

You can do a lot with a molding head and cutters on your tablesaw. One thing you can't do, though, is put the blade guard in place to protect your fingers.

Make a jointer-type pivoting guard of 14 "-thick clear acrylic, as shown above. Cut a curved edge where shown on a 6x8" piece of acrylic (or one large enough to cover your cutter) with a scrollsaw or bandsaw. Sand the curve smooth. Bolt the guard to a piece of 2"-wide stock the length of your saw table and thick enough to clear your molding cutter. Attach a rubber band where shown. Clamp the guard assembly to the saw table so that the guard rests against the saw's rip fence and over the cutter.
—Gerald Spalla, Canonsburg, Pa.

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