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Mini tablesaw top adds safety and accuracy to small-part cuts

My work requires a lot of small workpieces, including segments for turned projects. A tablesaw sled helps me crosscut those workpieces with safety and precision, but my saw’s stock fence proved awkward for ripping thin and narrow stock. So I built the small-stock rip jig shown above.

I made the oak runners to fit tightly into the miter channels, preventing the jig from sliding. A few taps with a rubber mallet secure the jig in place. To order the hardware go to The splitter consists of a small piece of hard plastic, with its leading edge sanded to a point and glued inline with the zero-clearance blade kerf. 

Apply strips of self-adhesive measuring tape where shown, making it easy to set the fence at a precise distance from, and parallel to, the blade.
—Bill Wells, Olympia, Wash.

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