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Micromanage your rip fence

One of the frustrations throughout my 50 years of woodworking is fine-tuning the tablesaw rip-fence position. Being a retired mechanical engineer, I decided to address this problem.

My solution: a simple adjusting block that clamps to the rail of the saw, as shown. I used a metric M5×0.8 threaded rod and insert. With this thread, one turn of the thumb knob turns the shaft 0.031"; one-half turn, 0.015"; one-quarter turn, 0.0075"—very accurate. I added a nylon tip and lock nut to prevent marring my rip fence. (Get all this hardware at

To tweak the fence position, simply unlock the fence and nudge it closer to the blade by turning the knob. If I need to move the fence away from the blade, I back off the threaded rod and bump the fence to it.   
—Steven Pietrowicz, Cresco, Penn.

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