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Make contractor-saw dust disappear in a flash(ing)

Capturing dust from my contractor-style tablesaw has always been impossible because of the wide-open bottom. But recently, I spotted an all-metal chimney flashing at a home center and immediately recognized I had my solution.

The flashing has a 16×18" base large enough to sandwich firmly between the saw’s leg stand and the top unit to basically seal the housing. To create a coupling for my dust-collection system, I widened the tapered 3 12 " opening to 4", inserted a 4" metal elbow, caulked the connection to seal it, and fastened the two together with pop rivets.

The small openings around the blade adjustments provide a little replacement air for better airflow, and I now catch 98 percent of the dust that was getting away before.
—Erin Bennett, Toledo, Ohio

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