Layout, Measuring, and Marking

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Just Shut Up!
Contributing Craftsman Jim Heavey offers some words of tough love
Essential Vise Accessories
Even the best bench vise can’t properly hold every workpiece for every task without a little help. Here are a few of our favorites.
Get equal spacing in seconds, with no math
Here’s a dirt-simple and quick way to mark equal spacing along the edge of a workpiece.
Split the tip for perfectly parallel bandsaw cutlines
I loved the Top Shop Tip by Warren Perkins in WOOD® magazine issue 187 where he drew two parallel lines on curved cuts and shot the gap with his bandsaw.

More Layout, Measuring, and Marking

Varied curves from modified fairing sticks
As a high school science teacher, I often experiment in my shop.
"Pocket" square measures extra large
To check sheet goods for square, I use a collapsible, square-checking triangle.
Cut dead-on angles with a portable circ saw

Sometimes you simply can’t angle-cut the end of a board using a tablesaw or mitersaw because of the length of the workpiece or where you’re working.