I grew tired of wrapping power cords around their tools only to have them unravel. Some tools come with a cord keeper that's hard to use and easy to lose. So I came up with a cord lasso that's effective, inexpensive, and easy to make.

Each lasso requires a short (18–20") length of venetian blind cord and a 1" length of 38 " vinyl tube. To make a lasso, first tie a simple knot in both ends of the blind cord. Fold that cord in half and slip the looped end through the tube. (The fit should be snug.) Bundle the power cord, hold it in one hand, slip the loop over the bundle, and pull one of the knots to cinch tight the lasso. Loop the long end of the lasso over the tube and cinch it tight with an overhand knot, as shown above. Friction holds everything together securely, but you can easily loosen the lasso by sliding the overhand knot off the tube.

To tie up bundles of larger items, such as dowel rods, pipes, or boards, use 14 " rope and 12 " PVC tubes 114 " long. So long as two lengths of the cord or rope fit snugly in the tube, the lasso will work effectively.
—Ralph Day, Lakeville, Minn.