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Mark Biscuits for Better Frame Builds
When I make picture frames with mitered corners, I like to use the small, #FF biscuits to reinforce the joints. This size of biscuit works for frame stock at least 1-1/2" wide.
Spline jig for mitered joints
Miter joints are hard to clamp and aren't very strong, especially on large or heavy picture frames. Adding inlaid splines can reinforce these joints and align them during assembly
Is there a shortcut to cutting a pivot-hinge mortis?
Routing or chiseling out the angled mortise for a semi-concealed pivot hinge on a cabinet door takes time and requires a steady hand.

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Screw-mount Shaker pegs for added strength in pine

When installing Shaker pegs in projects made from a soft wood, such as white pine, reinforce the peg attachments with screws.