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Is there a shortcut to cutting a pivot-hinge mortis?
Routing or chiseling out the angled mortise for a semi-concealed pivot hinge on a cabinet door takes time and requires a steady hand.
Rabbet on tablesaw fence helps you trim panels flush
You've glued some solid-wood edging on a set of plywood panels and now it's time to trim the edging flush. What if you don't have a flush-trim router bit?

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Routing accurate dadoes for plywood
If you've ever cut a 3⁄4" dado for 3⁄4" hardwood plywood, you've ended up with a sloppy joint because the plywood is actually thinner than that. I get great results using a spacer like the one shown.
Rookie Cabinetmaker Teaches a Nifty Biscuit Joiner Trick
In my first attempt at cabinetmaking, I wanted to use biscuits to secure the corner blocks in the bathroom vanity I made for my wife. But the blocks were too small to clamp to the bench while I plunged with my biscuit joiner.

Biscuit joiner helps you get a grip 

Here’s a simple way to add a “handy” fingerhold to projects.