The downside to making adjustable shelving is drilling the shelf-pin holes consistently. With this template, however, you can bore clean, precise holes time after time using a plunge router with a guide bushing and straight bit. Make the template from a strip of 14 " tempered hardboard that's smooth on both sides. Vary the strip width and length to suit the placement of your shelf-pin holes. For example, the holes in the 3"-wide template above are offset to rout shelf-pin holes 1 14 " from the shelf edge on one side and 1 34 " on the other. Then use a drill press with a brad-point bit to bore evenly spaced 38 " holes. (If you're off a hair, referencing the template from the same end of the workpiece every time ensures stable shelves.) Then clamp the template onto the case side. Next, mount a 38 " guide bushing onto the router base. (If the bushing extends past the template bottom, file or grind it flush.) Then install a 14 " straight bit into your router, and set the plunge depth to allow for the thickness of the jig. At each hole in the template, insert the guide bushing and plunge-cut a hole. Then move to the next hole and repeat until you're finished.