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Jig holds stock firmly against a fence

When resawing roughsawn material at the bandsaw, it’s important that the board be held tightly against the fence for a good cut. This shop-made hold-in applies ample pressure to the board, and frees you up to focus your attention on a steady feed rate.  

To build one, cut the base a few inches longer than your bandsaw table. To its bottom glue a 38 ×34 " hardwood strip that fits snugly in the table’s miter channel. At one end of the pivoting arm cut a notch to accommodate a skateboard wheel. Mount the skateboard wheel with a 14 -20 hex screw 212 " long in a tapped 1364 " hole, and assemble the jig as shown. Tighten the pivoting arm’s nut so the arm rotates freely, but without slop. Secure a compression spring between two eye bolts using a bolt, four fender washers, and a lock nut.

Position the jig in the miter channel so the wheel has 12 " clearance in front of the blade teeth. Secure it with a clamp and resaw away. 
—Sam Costa, Smethport, Pa.

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