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Have a face-to-face with biscuits


While laminating two pieces of 34 " MDF (medium-density fiberboard) to make a router-table top recently, I ran into the problem I always had when gluing two large pieces face-to-face: The slippery glue made it hard to keep the pieces aligned during clamping.

I solved the problem with my biscuit joiner. I made matching index marks on two adjacent edges of the stacked workpieces where shown below, then cut biscuit slots in the mating faces of the pieces. After spreading glue on the surface, I put a little glue in each biscuit slot, dropped a biscuit in each slot in the bottom piece, and put the top piece in place, fitting it over the biscuits.

Using this technique, there was no slippage during assembly. Plus, I saved time by not having to retrim the edges with my tablesaw.
—Jim Morgan, Dickson, Tenn.

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