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Handy sanders use every bit of the grit

Sticking sanding paper on hand made tools.

A firm, flat sanding block ensures flat surfaces on your project. Here’s how to make your own sanding blocks and paddles that utilize an entire 9×11" sheet of sandpaper.

Start by cutting four hardwood sanding blocks to the dimensions shown. Wrap each block with  packing tape. To ensure a smooth sanding surface, don’t overlap the tape.

Cut four 412 " squares from a sheet of sandpaper and cut the remaining piece into two 1"-wide strips. Apply spray adhesive to the tape-wrapped blocks and the back of the sandpaper squares, then wrap the paper around the faces and edges of the blocks.

To utilize the 1" strips, I make 1×8" sanding  paddles from 18 " plywood and wrap the 1" strip around the end. I mark each paddle with the grit of sandpaper used. When the sandpaper wears out, remove both the paper and tape to avoid adhesive buildup. Repeat the process with fresh materials.
—Craig Petith, North Logan, Utah

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