Gluing and Assembly

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A shady solution for a clean worksurface
An inexpensive vinyl window blind protects your benchtop during glue-ups and finishing.
3 Must-have Adhesives
There’s no need for a shelf full of different glues. This trio helps you effectively build nearly any woodworking project.
How do you elongate screw holes?
I’m looking for a quick, simple way to elongate screw holes when I attach a solidwood top to a piece of furniture.

More Gluing and Assembly

Achieve crisp corners with budget-minded corner stays
Aligning corners presents a special challenge in woodworking because none of us seem to have enough hands for the task.
A quick scrap-block squaring system
While working on a cabinet, I needed a quick way to square up the corners of some fairly large pieces. I found the answer in my scrap box.