Gluing and Assembly

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Board up your Legs
Protect finish from moisture and scratches
Glue Top Popper
This simple bottle opener ends struggles with opening stuck glue bottles. It provides plenty of leverage to open a stubborn glue cap
Penny-pinching glue spreader takes the cake
A plastic, disposable knife to lay down a perfect film of glue. The serrated edge creates a uniform thickness of glue, similar to a notched trowel for applying thinset tile adhesive.
Put the heat on glues and finishes
Dehumidifier rods keep glues and finishes ready to use, regardless of the outside temperature.   
A shady solution for a clean worksurface
An inexpensive vinyl window blind protects your benchtop during glue-ups and finishing.

More Gluing and Assembly

3 Must-have Adhesives
There’s no need for a shelf full of different glues. This trio helps you effectively build nearly any woodworking project.
How do you elongate screw holes?
I’m looking for a quick, simple way to elongate screw holes when I attach a solidwood top to a piece of furniture.
A quick scrap-block squaring system

While working on a cabinet, I needed a quick way to square up the corners of some fairly large pieces. I found the answer in my scrap box.