Simple jig helps fine tune fit.
Drawing of jig attached to benchtop sander

I think every woodworker struggles to get gap-free joints when assembling mitered frames. This simple jig fits on my benchtop sander to fine-tune the fit of the joints. 

The base of the jig includes a miter bar that rides in the slot of the sander's table. You can make this bar out of PVC sheet stock or hardwood.

I attached the fence to the base with a wood screw near the end closest to the sander. A slot in the opposite end allows for tweaking the angle of the fence to sneak up on a gap-free miter joint. A 1⁄4" washer and wing nut on a carriage bolt locks the angle of  the fence.

The beauty of this jig is that I can use it  with the sander off by sliding the jig back and forth. Turning the sander on removes stock faster.

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