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Get stuck on this portable tape caddy

I use a lot of different kinds of tape in my shop, and this handy caddy keeps my tape rolls in one place. The dividers are removable to make it easy to install a new roll. The handle makes the caddy portable, so I can keep it near my work area.

I made the tape caddy out of ½" Baltic-birch plywood with ¼"-thick MDF removable tape holders, each with a 3" disc that fits inside the tape roll. Most of the tape I use is 0.93" wide, so I spaced the dadoes 114 " center-to-center, which also allows for 2" and wider rolls. I attached the tear strip from an empty parchment-paper dispenser, using double-faced tape for easier replacement if the tear strip wears out.
—Dennis Volz, Parker, Colo.

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